Jiaoliutong, owned by Hangzhou MaoSuXing technology Co.Ltd, is an application platform for online manual translation. Jiaoliutong is committed to fulfill it’s users’ translation requirements and provide speedy and convenient service through internet technology.

Since the establishment of Jiaoliutong, it has served more than thousands of enterprises, institutions, government agencies and tourism groups, besides, it is the designated partners of the enterprises like the Spanish Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Spanish Clothing WHolesalers Association, Hangzhou Area Cross-border Electric Business Pilot Area and the Tongcheng Tourism. As for now, we have recruited more than 700 full-time and part-time translators all over the world. With English and Spanish translation feature our translation service, we are expanding business to cover all of the foreign language.

Address: Floor 13, Hangzhou Heda High Technology Life Science Center, Zhejiang Province, China.