Graphic Translation

Graphic translation includes intelligent graphic translation and manual translation. Part of the simple daily graphics can be instantly translated by using intelligent translation, which is both convenient and speedy; For professional graphics, manual translation is recommended, from which the accuracy and fluency of the translation can be granted.

Audio Translation

Audio translation includes single player and multiplayer mode. Single player mode is for one-on-one audio translation. For multiplayer mode, through creating a language room, users can invite others to enter the room and conduct the audio translation.

I Am A Translator

I Am A Translator is a foreign language translation sharing platform of Jiaoliutong. If you are proficient in foreign languages, I Am A Translator is the platform where you can become a translator on Jiaoliutong. After submitting your certification, Jiaoliutong will assess it, and once being verified to be qualified, you are able to accept the orders requiring for translation, and after the translation is completed, you will get the corresponding payment.